Discussione: Feldbluse M16 - IR3
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Hello, guys thanks for comments.


As I have this cap at home I can tell you that its 100% original austrian M15 feldkappe, and after detail observation the only posible error is as you have mentioned the visor seems to be repaired but the leather is hardened so it would be hard to sew it nowadays the repair is pretty old and also could be WW1. And sweatband is originaly sewn just to the place where it meets the peak as it should be. The rest of the sweatband was sewn to the cap later on during the repair (previous damage of the peak), its visible on detailed view. Everything else is ok with comparison to other WW1 caps. The thread color is absolutely ok. Is nonsense to say that factory thread color was only feldgrau and hechtgrau... there were plenty of manufacturers and its pretty common that black color thread is used. You can see this on many other caps for all kind of troops.


Martin - Czech Rep.
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